Free Shabby Chic Pink Rose Image Clip Art Printable Flower

rose flower pink shabby chic image transfer clipart download
shabby chic rose clip art image

This is a brilliantly beautiful digital shabby chic rose clip art image. Pink roses make the best shabby chic flower images. Created from a Victorian seed catalog illustration, this pink rose illustration makes a perfect shabby chic flower for lots of image transfer crafting projects for both fabric and furniture. The bright pink petals contrasted with the green leaves is wonderfully gorgeous!

rose flower pink shabby chic botanical download clipart image transfer
pink shabby chic rose download .png

Vintage Shabby Chic Pink Rose Clip Art Image Grunge Botanical Artwork

rose flower shabby chic botanical artwork image transfer clipart
pink shabby chic rose image clip art 

This is a stunningly pretty dgital, shabby chic, pink rose image! Today I've posted a beautiful, shabby chic, pink rose flower image transfer of a bouquet of grunge flower clip art. The roses and rose buds surrounded by the leaves and flower stems are so lovely. Pink rose images are my favorite for shabby chic crafting projects.

rose flower botanical artwork image transfer clipart shabby chic
digital shabby chic rose image download .png

Free Shabby Chic Red Rose Image Grunge Botanical Artwork Illustration

rose flower shabby chic image transfer botanical artwork clipart
digital red rose clip art image

Today I 've posted a very grungy, shabby chic digital red rose image. The shabby chic rose image is distressed, which makes it perfect for lots of crafting projects, especially as an image transfer design on fabric and furniture. The red rose clip art is exceptionally pretty with the rose buds and leaves surrounding the big, red rose image.

flower rose shabby chic clipart image transfer botanical illustration
digital shabby rose image download .png

Vintage Leopard Big Cat Image Clip Art Animal Artwork Circus Illustration

leopard big cat image transfer clipart illustration animal download
digital leopard clip art image

This is an amazing vintage leopard image download! Today I've posted a colorful digital image of a sitting leopard. The big cat clip art is bright, detailed, and beautifully colorful. Found in a Victorian scrapbook, this leopard paper scrap was part of a paper circus craft set. I can imagine this gorgeous digital leopard clip art as a design element in a circus or zoo crafting project.

leopard animal big cat image transfer illustration clipart download
digital leopard image transfer download .png

Royalty Free Raspberry Fruit Bowl Image Transfer Vintage Berry Clip Art Download

fruit raspberry berry image transfer clipart artwork illustration
vintage raspberry clip art image

This is a gorgeously colorful digital fruit clip art image of a full glass bowl of fresh, ripe raspberries. The pretty glass bowl has a fancy design and is full to overflowing with big berries. The leaves in the bowl and under the berries makes the raspberries look fresh-picked! This raspberry image is perfect for designing recipe cards, gift tags and cards, and jar labels.

fruit raspberry berry image transfer illustration digital clipart
digital raspberry clip art download image .png

Free Printable Victorian Valentine Greeting Image Cupid Hearts Flowers

valentine victorian antique image clipart greeting printable cupid heart
Victorian Valentine clip art image

Today I've posted a stunningly beautiful Victorian Valentine greeting clip art. The little cupid angel holding pink roses and sitting on top of a giant, red heart is so adorable. The swag of Forget-Me-Not flowers and pink ribbons behind the heart is just lovely. The bright and colorful printable Valentine greeting will make your handmade Valentine's Day cards so special and memorable.

valentine greeting printable victorian clipart cupid hearts flowers
printable Valentine image download .png

Digital Background Vintage Shoe Boots Clip Art Beals Torrey Company

background digital shoes boots image antique illustration company
digital vintage background image

shoes boots background image antique advertisement clipart
digital vintage background image

shoes boots antique advertisement illustration image digital clipart
digital vintage background image

Today I've posted three digital, absolutely whimsical backgrounds of antique shoe and boot company advertisements. These three digital backgrounds were created from the antique shoe company, Beals, Torrey & Co., advertisement illustrations found in a Victorian scrapbook. The colors of the antique illustrations are so pretty and attractive, as well as the little shoe maker characters. Each of these digital shoe background clip arts would be so fun designing gift tags for gifts of shoes, of course!

Antique Illustrations Barrels Cider Baby Cradle Advertisement Clip Art

baby cradle barrel antique image illustration advertisement clipart
antique baby illustration image

cider barrel antique illustration image advertisement clipart
antique cider barrel illustration image

Today I've posted two, very interesting antique illustrations of barrel images. I found these antique advertisement paper scraps in a Victorian scrapbook. Since each of these images are of barrels, I thought they'd be great in a post together. The first digital barrel image is of an advertisement for a health product. The wooden barrel has been made into a baby cradle. Cute! The second digital barrel image is of a cider barrel; however, it's empty, which implies that the establishment carrying this ad didn't sell cider.

antique advertisement barrels image downloads .png

Antique Illustrations Backgrounds Stove Company Peninsular Victorian Scraps

background image volcano advertisement stove illustration clipart
antique volcano illustration background image

background cauldron image stove advertisement illustration clipart
antique cauldron illustration background image

These are two colorful, bright antique advertisement illustrations for the Peninsular Stove Company. The first digital background image is an advertisement designed with an illustration of a volcano. The second digital background image is also an advertisement for the same company, but designed with a gigantic cauldron. The fire images are so beautiful with the deep, rich reds, yellows, oranges throughout the illustration. These antique background images are great for gift and hang tags, especially for gifts for the kitchen or baking.

Free Printable Carnation Primrose Flower Cards Tags Religious Sentiment

flower primrose card gift tag image design printable clipart
printable flower card design image

flower carnation card gift tag design image printable clipart
printable flower card design image

Today I've posted two lovely, printable floral designs with religious sentiments that are perfect for handmade greeting cards, gift tags, or hang tags. The first printable flower design has a soft, gorgeous image of Primrose flowers. Under the flower image is a wonderful religious quote. The second digital flower card design also has a wonderfully inspiring religious quote, but with a softly colorful flower image of pink, white, and red Carnation flowers.


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