Antique Flower Trade Cards Cactus Pond Lilies Botanical Artwork Printables

botanical art cactus image trade card illustration antique
antique flower trade card image

pond lilies image print artwork antique illustration clipart
antique flower trade card image

These are two digital images of antique flower trade cards. The antique flower prints are colorful and so pretty. The first digital flower clip art is of a pink cactus flower. And, the second digital flower clip art is of white Pond Lilies. These digital flower downloads were created from Victorian Arm & Hammer Trade Cards. I found them in an antique scrapbook. To add lots of charm and interest to the botanical artwork images, I've left the Arm & Hammer Company symbol and descriptive words and numbers.

Printable Vintage Valentine Greeting Cupid Love Note Violets Decorative Crafting

valentine vintage cupid love note romantic image violets
vintage Cupid Valentine image

Today I've posted a fantastic, printable vintage Valentine greeting image created from a very pretty Victorian paper scrap. This vintage Valentine has so many wonderful Valentine symbols! There's a little cupid holding a very big, red heart hanging from a wreate of Violets. Tied to the heart is a little love note decorated with lots of tiny, red hearts. Cupid's arrows lay underneath the suspended heart. Creating handmade Valentine cards and notes will be lots of fun with this vintage Valentine clip art.

printable vintage Valentine design image .png

Romantic Free Bird Love Note Flowers Violet Images Decorative Clip Art

bird love note flowers image decorative clipart crafting digital
decorative bird clip art

dove bird violets romantic image decorative clipart digital
decorative dove clip art

These are two romantic bird images of blue birds and doves surrounded by frames of violets and wisteria flowers. These pretty romantic clip art images are perfect for Valentine's Day crafting projects or simple love notes. The firs digital bird image has a blue bird delivering and special note. An outstretched hand is there to receive the note. The second romantic image is of two doves perched among violets.

decorative romantic birds images .png

Wildflower Deadly Nightshade Illustration Botanical Artwork Image

wildflower flower image deadly nightshade botanical artwork digital clipart
Deadly Nightshade wildflower image

This is a fantastically detailed Deadly Nightshade image created from an antique wildflower illustration. This digital flower illustration is perfect for framing, creating home decor. Each part of the wildflower is shown in this flower illustration, which makes it more interesting.

flower wildflower deadly nightshade image illustration clipart digital
wildflower image download .png

Royalty Free Camellia Flower Botanical Artwork Printable Clip Art Image

flower camellia image artwork botanical illustration clipart digital
digital Camellia flower image

This is a beautiful digital Camellia flower image. I created this digital flower clip art from a beautifully preserved Victorian paper scrap. The gorgeous, vibrant pink of the Camellia flower petals is still bright and lovely. The small leaves framing the flower image make this a truly spectacular flower image for so many crafting projects.

camellia flower botanical artwork image illustration clipart digital
Camellia botanical art image download .png

Japanese Women Holding Chrysanthemum Flowers Images Vintage Clip Art

woman japanese flowers image card printable chrysanthemum
Japanese woman holding fan image

japanese woman chrysanthemum flowers images frame vintage
Japanese woman holding flowers image

These are two, beautiful, vintage paper scraps of lovely portraits of Japanese women in flower frames. I created these digital women images from Victorian paper scraps. The first digital woman clip art is of a lovely Japanese woman holding a green fan. She has a flower frame of Chrysanthemums around her. The second digital woman clip art is of another lovely Japanese woman, and she's holding a big, purple Chrysanthemum. She is also framed by multi-colored Chrysanthemums.

vintage Japanese women flower card images .png

Harrison Fisher Illustration Beautiful Woman Reading Book Writing

harrison fisher illustration image woman reading book
Harrison Fischer illustration image

harrison fisher illustration image woman writing
Harrison Fisher illustration image

Today I've posted two, vintage Harrison Fisher illustrations. I found these two lovely Fisher illustrations in a 1916 scrapbook. These women illustrations were cut out of magazines and placed in a scrapbook. The first digital woman clip art is of a pretty woman reading a book. She looks comfortable leaning against pillows. The second digital woman clip art is of a woman writing. Her stylish, black hat is so lovely on her. These Harrison Fisher illustration images are perfect for a crafting project celebrating a love of reading and writing.

Harrison Fisher illustration image downloads .png

Free Grunge Background Paper Scrapbooking Distressed Image

paper digital background image grunge scrapbook page
dirty grunge background image

This is a wonderfully distressed grunge background paper perfect for lots of crafting projects. This is a 12" x 12", digital scrapbooking paper created with dirty, worn, and distressed texture images. For a vintage touch to any project, this grunge background will add lots of charm and interest.

Free Vintage Human Anatomy Illustration Images Eye Hand Head Skeleton

eye human anatomy image digital clipart illustration
blue eye image

hand human anatomy image illustration vintage clipart
human hand image

skeleton hand human image illustration anatomy clipart
human hand skeleton image

medical human head illustration image anatomy clipart
human head anatomy image

Created from a vintage medical book, these are colorful human anatomy images of various parts of the body. The first digital human body image is of the eye. This is a wonderful digital eye image of a blue eye. The second digital body clip art image is of the human hand. I've left the descriptive words because they're interesting. And, the third human body image is of the skeleton of the hand. Again, I've left the descriptive words. The last vintage body image is of the human head. This human head illustrations show the different areas of the brain and what they each control. I've left this vintage image in its original appearance because I love the worn and distressed look.

vintage human anatomy images .png

Death's Head Moth Images Insect Shabby Illustrations Clip Art

moth insect images vintage clipart illustrations digital
vintage moth clip art image

moth insect illustration images clipart digital download
Death's Head Moth image

These are two, vintage images of moths. The first digital moth clip art is of a pretty, colorful moth. The wings are green and mauve. The second digital moth clip art is of the Death's Head Moth. This moth illustration would be a unique design element for a Halloween crafting project. Both of the moth images are shabby and distressed, which makes them beautifully special and charming.

shabby moth images .png


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